Islamabad: Liu Dianfeng, chairman Zong, on Wednesday expressed a strong commitment to utilize the company's expertise in fourth generation mobile telecommunications technology (4G) for building a topnotch cellular network under the umbrella of ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative pioneered by China. We will play a strong role in connecting this project as well as connect all industries tied with this project to have a 4G eco-system led by China Mobile Pakistan (Zong), Dianfeng said in a message issued to mark “World Telecommunication and Information Society Day” on May 17, 2017. “Zong will continue pouring investment into expanding 4G coverage in the far and wide of Pakistan.”

Dianfeng said China Mobile Pakistan (Zong) would keep on upgrading all its 2G and 3G sites to 4G within 2017 to ensure more innovative and intelligent solutions for subscribers in Pakistan.  “It’s going to improve people's ability to lead a better, quicker, faster, and more connected ‘4G Lifestyle’, revolutionizing education, healthcare, social reform, creativity, etc for the better,” he said. Pledging to strengthen the country’s ‘connection’ with rest of the world, Dianfeng said the company would leverage China Mobile Communication Corporation’s (the parent company of Zong) 4G knowledge/research to implement this vision. Regarding Zong's current and future prospects, he said this year's theme “Big Data for Big Impact” is centered around one of the most important evolutionary leaps in technology that has potential to dramatically affect telecom landscape worldwide.

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