Dredging Of Berthing Areas & Channels

Project Name: Dredging of berthing areas & channels
Project Description:
Project Title: Dredging of Berthing Areas & Channels, Gwadar Port
During May 2013 operation of Gwadar Port was assigned to China Overseas Ports Holding Company Ltd. (COPHCL) for a period till 2047. Beside the operation of the existing port facilities the operator has to carry out expansion works all along the seashore of Gwadar East Bay constructing additional terminals and port infrastructure. Under the Concession Agreement, however, construction of breakwaters and dredging works are the responsibilities of Gwadar Port Authority. For construction of Container Terminals on the westernand northwestern side (initially 1.200 km &upto maximum 10.00 km) of the existing multi-purpose terminal and second phase terminals on the eastern side (4.200 km), capital dredging works on continual basis and maintenance dredging on continual bases are required.
Objective of the Project: To facilitate construction of additional terminals at Gwadar Port by its Operator and for smooth shipments to and from the existing berthing facilities this project is proposed for carrying out capital and maintenance dredging.
Available Documents (if any): Hydrographic studies are available.

Proposing Agency: Gwadar Port Authority, MoPS

Location : Gwadar district, Balochistan
Province: Balochistan
Estimated Cost (US $ Million): 27.00
Executing Company : Sponsors Contracting company on the basis of open tendering Or any Financial Framework Agreement under CPEC
Financing:  Chinese Government Concessional Loan
Supervising Agency : Ministry of Ports & Shipping, Government of Pakistan
Project Progress Update:
Draft business plan has been received from Chinese (COPHCL), under review by MoP&S and GPA