Lahore: CM Punjab maintained that the first phase of the project became operational costing Rs 20 billion. “This center is the first of its kind in South Asia where the patients not only from Punjab but across Pakistan will be treated.”Shahbaz Sharif inspected different sections of the hospital after the inauguration of the first phase and went to the OPD, dialysis center and other departments to check the latest medical facilities there.  He said Punjab government had developed PKLI from its own resources and hepatitis filter clinics were attached to it which was treating patients in different districts. “In the beginning of 2018, such filter clinics will be functional in all the districts of the province and the poor patients coming from anywhere in the country will be treated free of cost. It is my commitment that Pakistan can be made a great state with collective efforts so let’s make it a great state collectively.” 

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, the Chief Minister said “today is a unique moment that Punjab government had given the gift of a hospital according to the vision of Quaid-e-Azam. “The first phase of this hospital has been operationalized and the poor patients will be treated totally free of cost while the rich will have to pay and this was the vision of Quaid.”He said Punjab government had spent Rs 1.5 billion over the treatment of poor patients suffering from kidney and liver diseases from abroad during the last 9.5 years. “Average cost of treatment of poor patients in the hospitals of China, India and Rawalpindi and Islamabad has been around 20 to 30 lakhs rupees. Today, we should analyze that how much we have given respect to the struggle and sacrifices of founding fathers and our elders.”

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