Lahore: The Punjab Chief Minister inaugurated the Speedo bus service in Multan on 12 October. In the first phase, a total of 100 air-conditioned buses will be run on 11 different routes in Multan, and an e-ticketing system has been introduced for traveling. While addressing the inaugural ceremony, the chief minister congratulated the people of Multan over the launch of the Speedo bus service and said that 100 Speedo buses have been provided for the service. The people will travel in an honorable way on metro and Speedo buses with a paltry sum of Rs 25 and the facility for physically challenged passengers has also been provided in these buses, he said. After Lahore, the city of Multan has been blessed with this state-of-the-art public transport system.

He said that the journey of development and prosperity initiated by the government in the southern Punjab has been unprecedented. He said that as much as Rs 85 billion has been spent on construction and rehabilitation of farm-to-market rural roads programme. Similarly, thousands of kilometers long rural roads have been constructed and repaired, and this initiative has brought a new revolution in the rural economy. He said that a mega programme of providing clean drinking water is being started from southern Punjab and the contracts will be awarded at the end of this year. He said that the development works in the region are not a manipulation of works or a fictional story, people can see them materializing with their own eyes.

He further said that Multan is a historic and densely populated city and the motorbikes ambulance service, which has been started in Lahore, will also be introduced in Multan in the next few weeks to provide first-aid to the people of congested localities and other areas in case of an emergency. This service will be extended to all nine divisions, as well. The CM congratulated the people over the start of the speedo bus service in Multan.   

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