Beijing: China Railway 18th Bureau Group (CR18G) has decided to expand its network in Pakistan and other neighbouring countries under the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative of President Xi Jinping. The CR18G’s chairman Wang Xingzhou told to a visiting media’s delegation from South Asian countries that they have focused on promoting inter-connectivity and establishing the basic infrastructure to share the huge benefit of OBOR. The group has entered into the overseas market and involved in international competition. About their work in Pakistan, he said they were involved in the construction of Upper Swat Tunnel and diversion project. As an important country along the OBOR, Pakistan has unlimited opportunities in various sectors for Chinese enterprises which will be beneficial for the people of the country in the longer run.

The group has undertaken 180 overseas projects since 1995 with the total contract amount of RMB 56 billion. Over the past five years, the total contract amount of overseas projects is up to RMB 20.1 billion in total and the completed overseas construction output value is RMB 12.6 billion. The projects under construction contracted by the group are mainly in operation in 10 countries, including 38 projects with the total contract amount of USD 3.11 billion. It was also taking an active part in the development of infrastructure in the countries along Maritime Silk Road. All projects were implemented safety and no accident was reported. These meet the expectations of the people and the contracts’ parties.

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